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MSL cheap Surgical equipment, A full line of medical and surgical products are available for customers around the globe.
Our Surgical equipment include defibrillator, Operating table, shadowless, microscopes, laparoscopy, thoracoscopy etc.. 
Our high quality Surgical equipment are available at low prices, backed by support from qualified, in house occupational therapists.
Best Surgical equipment | Cheap Surgical Instruments Products for sale
Our product Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor MSLBP06 is your good selection for accurate blood pressure measurement,professional care and parents`use.
Our product Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor MSLBP05 has more accurate measurements using more powerful functional algorithms.
Our Adjustable Oxygen Concentrator MSLZY43 could provide you sleeping function,automatic power protection,support car function and so on.
Our Adjustable Oxygen Concentrator MSLZY42plus for two people has advantages of sleeping function,automatic power-off protection,support car function and so on.
Our Digital Electronic Colposcope Trolley Type MSLCE20 is specialized design,simple operation,and more humanity.
Oxygen concentrators suits for daily home use by oxygen therapy patients.
Adopt LED high-definition display,can clearly display the pulse rate waveform;Multi direction and large screen display,humanized detail design,easy to read.
Compatible with any brand of standard lV Set Automatically recognize lV set of any brand High accuracy of±3% after correct calibration Four working modes:Rate Mode,Time Mode,Drip Mode,Body-weight Mode
Our home oxygen concentrator machine MSLZY40 is easy to use in many places.
Our product is designed to measure the heart rate and oxygen saturation that an oxygen patient currently.
Advantages of Pulse oximeter: Built-in rubber,Comfortable to wear,Ergonomic design, bull-in rubber soft and comfortable, not pressing the tip of the finger,blood flow, measurement faster and more accurate.
Features: 1.Top fll/ 1.Top fll 2.Mist setting(3 levels) 12.Mist setting(3 levels) 3.With rhythm timer 4.With timer(1-9H)
A box of 250 pieces, 32*32*35cm 10.5kg
Energy-saving and econimical:more than 3 hour's oxygen inhalation just need 1 degree electricity
Sleeping function,Oxygen accumulative time function,Touch screen key function
Standard configuration: 2m and 5m nasal oxygen tube,a set of atomization components, a set of filter cotton.Having CE/ISO certificate.
Standard configuration: 2m and 5m nasal oxygen tube, a set of atomization components, a set of filter cotton.Having CE/ISO certificate.
Colloidal immunochromatography SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Test machine MSLRPA72

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