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MEDSINGLONG GLOBAL GROUP CO.,LIMITED engages in selling medical equipments more than 5 years,we have professional Senior and skilled internet marketing team and procurement team.Supplying cheap medical equipments with good service in the same level is our advantage.Best-selling medical equipment with high quality and favorable price medical equipments for sale with CE approved,Affordable price,Customers praise,best after-sales service,welcome comein MSL we are ready to services you!

MSL Hot selling medical equipment
wireless ultrasound scanner 6.5MHZ linear probe MSLPU5/ MSLPU5 PLUS
Convex transducer (2-5Mhz) Cavity transducer (2-5Mhz) Linear transducer (5-12Mhz) Micro-convex transducer (5-10Mhz)
3.5mhz convex probe (64 elements) 7.5mhz convex probe (128 elements) 10.0mhz convex probe (128 elements) 3.5mhz linear probe (64 elements) 7.5mhz linear probe (128 elements) 10.0mhz convex probe (128 elements)....
High Quality Portable Ipl Machine,Portable Hair Removal Ipl Machine,Portable Elight Ipl Machine
2017 new Arrival Body Face Skin Tightening Hifu Face Lift Mslhf07
Features about our Electrolyte Analyzer MSLEA02 *Throughput: 60 samples/hour *Principle: ISE(Ion Selective Electrode) *5.6 inch touch screen *Auto sampling, washing, calibration *Low reagent consumption *Maintenance –free electrodes, 12 months lifespan *Auto-print and manual print *CE marked
3.5mhz linear probe (64 elements) 7.5mhz linear probe (128 elements) 10.0mhz convex probe (128 elements)....
It is essential to make different setting according to specific treatment demand.
No consumable parts, the machine can work 24 hours a day.
1,body thinner, skin tightening 2,Fat reduction 3,Body slimming, body shaping 4,To promote and accelerate the body s metabolism
Body size:L 127mm * H 25mm
128 Element WIFI ultrasound Ultrasound 128 Element Probe Wireless Wifi Ultrasound
Starting peritoneal dialysis machine, set treatment modalities

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