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Dental x ray unit is one kind of our dental equipments, If this could not feed your requirement, just see other dental equipment, such as dental unit , portable dental unit, dental handpiece, dental ultrasonic scaler.

Our Digital Intra-oral X-Ray Sensor MSLFP12 is high efficiency and easy to use with clear display and profound reliability.
MSLFP11 Intra-oralSensor family,based on advanced APS CMOS together with the leading technologies such as smart AED,direct deposited CSl scintillator and so on.Brings optimal digital imaging to your daily practice.
The product is adopted by the micro-processor
This model combines the advantages of similar
All the components of this product were originally
This model combines the advantages of similar products found
MSLSN01 X-ray Sensor Digital Dental /dental x-ray sensor equipment 1.APS CMOS sensor 2.USB output 3.x-ray sensor
Generator: Multipulse DC X-Ray Tube: OCX105 - Digital dental x-ray machine
X-ray generator:Single focus, half-wave rectification and oil-immersed self-cooled - Tooth x-ray machine
X-ray generator:High frequency dc at 20 kHz - Dental panoramic x-ray machine
Fast exposure time selection while protecting the head during X-ray examinations - Intra-oral dental x-ray
Fitted with 70KV 8mA x-ray tube with preheating grid - Mobile dental x-ray machine

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