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Blood coagulation analyzer is one kind of our blood analyzer and even is really a bargain with high quality, If this could not feed your requirement, just see other blood analyzer such as portable blood analyzer, blood gas analyzer, blood pressure analyzer, blood lactate analyzer, blood cell analyzer, handheld blood analyzer, veterinary blood analyzer, automated blood analyzer.

analyseurs de coagulation,blood coagulation machine
Mini-reagent consumption Automated coagulation analyzer URIT-600
Accurate incubator temperature Coagulation Analyzer machine URIT-610
Testing Method: Clotting, Immunoturbidimetric, Chromogenic
Four channel coagulation machine,Can set more than 5 point of standard curve, modify and saving parameters, variety item can be added.
Mini-reagent consumption up to 20ul, reagent open system
Test Flow: Fully auto and the blood unrequired dilute or other process; Throughput: 35 samples/hour
Zero point correction: Auto track the zero point, eliminate the effect of sample and reagent; Wavelength:470nm
new liquid circulating system, storage not less than 100,000 results, 60 test /hour throughput-Fully automated hematology analyzer
Detector:unique Dispersion light detector with high sensitivity and repeatability,immunized the effect on result of jaundice,hemolysis,chyle and turbidity on plasma-coagulometers
Test Channel: each channel is independent, one or more,same or different items can be tested simultaneously- portable coagulometer
High-precision, temperature-tolerant systems, stability- luminosity measuring system
28 parameters, one scattergram, three histograms - 5 diff hematology analyzer

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