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anesthesia machine manufacturer

Anesthesia machines and ventilator machines we sell is really a bargain and even with high quality. The anesthesia&ventilator systems we supply including veterinary anesthesia machine,portable anesthesia machine,etc.

Introduction of anesthesia machine: Do you want to know the technology of anesthesia machines?...

How Does a Ventilator Work?

A ventilator blows air into your airways through a breathing tube. One end of the tube is inserted into your windpipe and the other end is attached to the ventilator. The breathing tube serves as an airway by letting air and oxygen from the ventilator flow into the lungs.....

MSL sale Anesthesia& Ventilator Machine and Equipment

Regulator compatible with on-vehicle cylinder
15 inch colour touchable LCD screen, NO dead space in the screen
10.2 inch colour LCD screen
E-flowmeter touch pad control with hypoxic guard
Applied for adult and pediatric
The ideal portable anesthesia (analgesia) system support an upgrading not only for super clinical field
It provides the physician with a flexible
It provides the physician with a flexible
Main unit one year for free warranty

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