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We are one of MSL largest suppliers of testing equipment for field & laboratory use. We offer carry a large selection of Testing equipment such as Blood gas analyzer, Microplate readers, Portable blood analyzer, Blood coagulation analyzer, Blood pressure analyzer, Blood lactate measurement, Microscope, Oscillator etc.
Best Testing equipment for sale
PCR Thermal Cycler machine MSLPCR13 for DNA Testing
Advanced Genetic Analysis Detection system Real-Time PCR machine MSLPCR05
Fluorescent quantitative PCR machine MSLPCR04 thermal cycler
Quantitative Immunofluorescence Analyzer MSLIF08 has more than 10 matching reagents covering Cardiac,Inflammation,Renal function and Diabetes care etc.
7” Color Human-machine interactive menu electrolyte analyzer machine MSLEA18
High accurate portable electrolyte analyzer machine MSLEA16
Automated Serum Touch screen Electrolyte Analyzer machine MSLEA03
Our Full Automatic Coagulation Analyzer MSLFBA05 is efficient,complete,accurate and reliable.
Our Full Automatic Coagulation Analyzer MSLFBA02 is efficient,complete,accurate and reliable.
Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer MSLCM11 is quality-assured,comprehensive test menu and better effective cost.
Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer "MSLCMO9 " with the companion reagents are innovative and turning point products in the global lVDindustry.
Our International Pioneering Microarray Chemiluminescence Biochip Detection System MSLCM06 with POCT is accurate,rapid and flexible.
Our International Pioneering Microarray Chemiluminescence Biochip Detection System MSLCM05 has advantages of High Throughput,Low cost,High Efficiency,High Accuracy,High Detection Rate and Automation.
MSLGC11 represents the high technology of rapid detection of "Glucose,Cholesterol,Uric acid,Hemoglobin" of the three major metabolites.
Touch screen Smart QC and Calibration Management Easy to read reagent status 0-60 °adjustable screen for wide viewing angle
Portable Poct Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer machine MSLIF18
Automatic nucleic acid extraction system machine MSLNAEO2
ATP meter with swabs monitor device atp tester machine MSLATP01
Best Visible spectrophotometer machine MSLUV08 with microprocessor controlled

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